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 OC HOME GYM can design, customize and outfit your ultimate home gym.




The benefits of having your own home gym are endless. From being safe, to saving you time while providing access to machines specifically tailored to help you reach your personal fitness goals. 


Why Choose OC HOME GYM?

Experience. OC HOME GYM’s Commercial Division, Growth Fitness Design, has been successfully designing gyms and fitness experiences for clients like Marriott Hotels and commercial clients globally for over 30 years. Our skilled in-house fitness equipment experts and interior design team have access to the industry's top brands and products. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, we can design a space to motivate and inspire you.


How It Works

1. Pick an “Ultimate Home Gym Design” Package.
We will then send you our questionnaire (a few of the questions are below) and schedule your consultation based on the package you purchased.
2. Tell us about your space. Will your ultimate home gym be in your garage (one or two car), bedroom, outdoor space, pool house, yacht? Not sure? No problem, we can make recommendations.
3. Goals – What are your fitness goals for you and/or your family?
3. Equipment – What kind of equipment have you enjoyed using and where have you worked out in the past or currently?
4. What is your overall budget for equipment, flooring and design services?

Our skilled and experienced equipment specialists, personal trainers and interior designers will review your answers and work on recommendations for the ultimate home gym. We will send you a link to our online questionnaire after you have purchased your package.




Ultimate Home Gym Design Packages



Ultimate Home Gym Design Package #1 - "Essentials Package"

This package is perfect for those looking at equipping half a room with around 3 machines, or less, accessories and equipment mats.

Services include:
  • Space evaluation – Send us photos and dimensions of your space
  • CAD layout
  • Equipment, accessories and mat recommendations

Ultimate Home Gym Design Pacakage #2 - "Cancel Your Gym Membership!"

This package is for those looking to equip half to an entire room with multiple machines, accessories and flooring.

Services include:
  • 15-minute phone consultation space evaluation – (Send us photos and dimensions of your space).
  • CAD Layout – One revision
  • Equipment, Flooring, Accessory and Mirror Recommendations

Ultimate Home Gym Design Package #3 - "Personal Trainer Package"

This package is for those who are seriously committed to having the ultimate home gym which offers multiple ways of training and experiences… a space a personal trainer would love!

Services Include:

  • On site space evaluation and meeting (Currently only available in Southern California)
  • CAD Layout – Up to two revisions
  • Equipment, Flooring, Accessory, Mirror, Wall Coverings, Technology and Audio-Visual Recommendations

Ultimate Home Gym Design Package #4 - "IG Fitness Model Package!"

You live, eat and breath fitness. This package will take your fitness game to the next level. Dedicated space or entire room.

Services Include:

  • On site space evaluation and meeting – Up to two (Southern California)
  • CAD Layout – Up to three revisions
  • Multiple Equipment, Flooring, Accessories, Mirror, Wall Coverings, Technology and Audio Visual Recommendations
  • Oversee installation (Southern California)




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